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Common Questions:


Are you feeling "stuck" or "blah" and wondering why?

Do you feel anxious, worried, and stressed more days then not?

Are you transitioning to a new life phase and concerned about new demands?

Do you have trouble balancing all the demands in your life?

Are you having difficulty in a relationship?

Do you feel disconnected from your partner?
Is it difficult to connect with someone or sustain a meaningful relationship?

Is there conflict in your family?
Do you feel misunderstood?

Have the roles in your family changed?
Are you overwhelmed by life and all the demands it places on you?
Are you lonely?
Have you lost a loved one?
Are you feeling isolated?

Are you looking to connect with someone and explore your true potential?


If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, or these questions raised other  thoughts or questions, it may be helpful to call me for a complimentary phone consultation. 

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